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20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, in an altered political and economic landscape where the Russian market is fast becoming one of the biggest growth areas of the 21st century, the need for high quality Russian to English and English to Russian translations is greater than ever.

Legal Translation Solutions is a state of the art translation agency prepared to meet this growing need, working with experienced professional translator teams who master the linguistic intricacies of this complex language, spoken by well over 300 million people as a first and second language.

Aside from mastering the challenges posed by the language alone – the Cyrillic alphabet counts 33 letters and Russian has not only 3 genders but also six cases, meaning that adjectives and nouns can have a variety of endings, and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg – another crucial requirement is familiarity with the unique Russian business etiquette. Russia’s educational standard is one of the highest in the world, and written accuracy is expected from everyone. Poor translations can seriously harm potential business enterprises.

Our English to Russian translators are highly educated native speakers with different areas of expertise, all specializing in law and certified by recognized certifying agencies, such as the American Translators Association (ATA) or the state courts. The same certification and specialization standards apply of course to our Russian to English translators, who keep current on the latest political and economic developments as well as changes in the Russian judicial system.

Only this past July, new restrictions came into effect applying to foreign investments in the oil, gas and hard mineral fields, power transmission companies, along with telecoms, media, aviation and other industries. The law requires prior government approval for above-mentioned investments and the approval process entails many levels of review. The application must be submitted in Russian and if not executed by a professional translator with in-depth knowledge of the Russian legal system, it may be rejected and as a result, transactions could be voided and disinvestments ordered.

We are here to help you avoid such pitfalls created by lack of translation quality and offer Russian translation services that you can rely on, knowing that our document translations are performed by highly skilled and experienced professionals who are keeping up with the growth of this exciting new market.

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