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A staggering 240 million people worldwide are native Portuguese speakers, which makes Portuguese not only the 2nd most spoken Romance language but also the sixth most popular language in the world. In our exceedingly interconnected, global economy, the demand for English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English translations is growing fast.

In order to meet this growing demand with accurate, high quality Portuguese translation services, translation agencies need to be tuned into the linguistic, cultural and political differences of the various Portuguese-speaking markets, in particular when it comes to the specialized language of legal translation.

Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and Sao Tome and Principe, as well as spoken in substantial immigrant communities across several continents.

While the effort to standardize the language and increase cooperation between the different regions is going strong-in 1996, the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries was created, and this year, Brazil was the first to adopt the new, standardized spelling rules for all Portuguese-speaking nations that just came into effect-excellence in Portuguese document translation can only be accomplished by professional translators familiar with the historic complexities and experienced in their respective field and target market.

Legal translation in Iberian (European) Portuguese, for instance, is to be increasingly aligned with official EU terminology, since Portuguese gained the status of an official language in the European Union in 1986. Around the same time (1988), Brazil, emerging from a military dictatorship, charted its new Constitution to pave the way to becoming a major player in world economic development. This complex document, called the “Carta,” deals with over 400 subjects, outlining labor, technology, environmental protection laws and much more, and Brazil simultaneously introduced an equally intricate system of jurisprudence to support it.

Professional Portuguese translators working on legal documents from and for this market must not only be familiar with the system and its vocabulary, but also keep current on ongoing changes and amendments. Since such amendments include, for instance, the opening of formerly closed sections of the Brazilian economy (oil and gas, mining, energy and telecommunications) to foreign direct investment, the need for Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese translation continues to expand into different areas and requires professional translators who master the intricacies of these new developments.

At Legal Translation Solutions, we work with the best in the field and choose our Portuguese translation teams carefully for every individual project. Documents translated by our professional translators from and into Portuguese are tailored to specific source and target markets, reflecting the respective language variant of Portuguese-speaking nations and communities anywhere in the world.

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