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Japanese may not be spoken as first language anywhere outside of Japan, but the country’s economic strength – it is the second largest economy in the world – has brought the Japanese language and Japanese translations to the forefront in international business.

High quality document translations are crucial to ensure the success of business deals, contract negotiations and other vital aspects of global commerce. When such translations involve languages as radically different in concept and structure as Japanese and English, corporate executives and attorneys rely on professional translation companies to ensure that their translation projects are handled by accredited translators with the appropriate specialization for each specific assignment.

Linguistic challenges in Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation only begin with its combination of three scripts (Japanese characters and two syllabic scripts) plus, to a lesser extent, Roman letters. Japanese also uses 4 different ways of addressing people: kun, chan, san and sama. Getting hierarchies and formality levels right is difficult, and context as well as insight into the workings of Japanese language and culture is an absolute must.

Business and legal Japanese translators further need a deep understanding of the differences in corporate culture and have to be able to work this knowledge into every document translation they undertake. The Japanese legal system is one of the most intricate in the world, and foreign enterprises and governments alike have often found it difficult to decode its complexities. This language barrier has even been blamed for hampering investment in Japan. Only experienced Japanese translators can bridge this gap and provide the transparency needed.

At Legal Translation Solutions, we work with the best – highly skilled, professional translators who are familiar with the newly compiled dictionary of Japanese-English legal terminology that now serves as the de facto standard for legal translations, launched online by the Japanese Ministry of Justice last April.

Our Japanese translation services provide the consistency and quality needed for global relations to thrive.

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