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Of all European language pairs, German to English and particularly English to German is considered one of the most challenging combinations to translate. If we combine this challenge with one of the most complex linguistic fields, legal translation, we arrive at a specialty not every translator masters.

Legal Translation Solutions has handpicked its team of specialized, professional translators to ensure the highest quality in German document translation. The particularities of the German language, its intricate grammar and sentence structure – as famously noted by Mark Twain, verbs tend to disappear and not reemerge until reaching “the other side of the Atlantic” – are even more pronounced in legal speak and require extreme meticulousness and an eagle eye for the smallest detail. The legal writing style is a very distinct form that the professional German translator must be able to correctly understand and reproduce in the target language.

Another criteria is familiarity with the legal terminology itself, which relays concepts embedded in different judicial systems that often exclude direct equivalents. German legal translation requires a solid knowledge and understanding of US, German (including Swiss and Austrian) and international law, as well as dedication and access to thorough research. The Client relies on the translator’s judgment when it comes to critical differences, and accuracy is crucial. Our professional German translators are well aware of the trust placed in them and will go out of their way to ensure that the final product they deliver meets the most demanding requirements.

Experience and training is key in order to fulfill these demanding requirements. Our professional German translators derive their knowledge and expertise from years of experience not only in legal document translation, but also in working directly with law firms, government agencies, and in a court of law. They are certified in German to English and/or English to German by institutions such as The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators and The American Translators Association (ATA), the largest organization for professional translators in the US that sets the standards for document translation worldwide. They meet continuing education requirements and keep current on the latest developments in the field.

No matter what your German legal translation needs are, if you are looking for German to English or English to German translation services, our teams of professional translators have the know-how, the focus and the commitment to meet them – on either side of the Atlantic and, for that matter, all around the world!

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