Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate International Trade Month

International trade is a staple of the U.S. economy, made possible through the foundation of legal agreements. Through these contracts, America’s best companies are able to send their goods and services around the world and establish trade avenues that are vital to the success of all people. These contracts could not be made, however, without a dependable translation service company. Legal Translation Solutions is the best in the industry, providing your company with 100% accurate translated legal documents on time and on budget.

Through Trade Benefits of America’s recent blog post, we are given the top 5 reasons how international trade positively impacts the American economy.

As noted in the post, American-made products reach 234 countries, which allows local job growth and business success. Relationships and good will are forged among people groups and cultures, while also providing a unique way to meet peoples’ needs. Trade Benefits America’s blog goes on to highlight how international trade boosts America’s GDP, as well as economic growth at the local, state and national levels. Far from only benefiting the trading companies, international trade positively impacts our communities across the country.

Legal contracts are an essential, indispensable part of international trade. It’s critical that these documents are translated correctly, leaving nothing to chance or an unskilled translator. Technology-driven language translation businesses can often miss or fail to understand how to translate certain nuances or terms, costing you time, money and possibly your company’s good reputation.

ASTA-USA’s legal document translation services division,,  is an established, professional translation services company with accredited, career translators. Our innovative proofreading method ensures that your legal document is translated with 100% accuracy into any of over 70 languages.

Let our team of dedicated, professional human translation services experts help you achieve legal accuracy and expand your global reach today.

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